PayByFace BV, the Amsterdam-based startup that has developed one of the first face recognition based payment system commercially available in Europe, has recently launched a Developer Portal to accelerate innovation by working more closely with external developers. This first version of the portal gives third party developers early access to several application programming interfaces (APIs) they can use to jointly create new and innovative customer experiences in their own apps.

“Sharing APIs with external developers will accelerate innovation and create new customer experiences” said Mihai Draghici, Founder and CEO of PayByFace.

The APIs are available in a ‘sandbox’ – a test environment, which contains dummy data and functionalities – solely for development purposes.

Developers will be able to easily switch to the production environment once their integration apps are reviewed and approved for deployment by PayByFace.

The initial sandbox APIs offered in the Developer Portal include ‘Mobile Client Services’, ‘Merchant Kiosk Services’ and RabbitMQ ‘Messaging Services’ for pub/sub real-time messaging.

PayByFace will continuously expand the portal’s functionalities and the APIs it offers.

“We are excited to expand this capability to our clients and selected third parties” says PayByFace’s chief business officer Emanuele Conti-Vecchi.

Developers can access the PayByFace Developer Portal and sign-up for early access on:


About PayByFace

Through its developer portal, PayByFace enables third party application developers to integrate their customers biometric face templates with a tokenized card on file. Such customers will be able to pay for their in-store shopping at any PayByFace merchant by simply have their faces scanned by a camera enabled tablet installed at point of sale. The payment is then processed via an e-commerce payment gateway without the need for the endusers to touch anything. PayByFace provides a unified interface that exposes several functions of the PayByFace system capabilities for 3rd party developers to use in their own mobile apps.


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