Terms and Conditions for the promotional offer supporting the initial launch of the “PayByFace” app in the Bulgarian market: “Use PayByFace to buy food and drinks at Bistro Luna. The third time you pay with PayByFace it’s on us (up to 20BGN)”

Overview: PayByFace srl, in order to support the launch of its face-recognition- based payment app, intends to promote a special offer: when a PayByFace customer (any individual who has created a PayByFace account after the 1st of March 2021) uses the PayByFace biometric payment system at the bistro Luna restaurant (Expo 2000, Sofia) to pay for his/her in store shopping on three different days, the third purchase (if the total value is equal to 20BGN or less) will not be charged to the associated card of the account but will be paid by PayByFace directly to Bistro Luna.

Promoter: Strada Burnitei nr.24
Floor 1, Apt: BR-A2
Sector 3, Bucuresti
CUI: RO41854280
Reg. No. J40/15002/2019
Telephone +40733402219

Name of the promotional operation: “Use PayByFace to buy food and drinks at Bistro Luna. The third time you pay with PayByFace it’s on us (up to 20BGN)”.

Territorial scope: Bistro Luna [add address]

Duration: From 1/3/21 to 1/5/21

Recipients of the offer: any PayByFace account holder who uses the biometric payment system to pay for his/her shopping at bistro Luna on three different days during the offer period.

Requirements to get up to 20BGN shopping credit from PayByFace:  in order to be eligible to get up to 20BGN credit, customers will need to create a ‘full PayByFace account’ by

  1. downloading the PayByFace app on their smart phones from either the iOS or the Google App store
  2. creating a PayByFace account by submitting the required information and accepting the terms and conditions
  3. submitting a valid payment card number (such card will be used to pay for in store shopping at Bistro Luna)
  4. submitting a selfie

Offer limitations: if the amount of the third PayByFace purchase is greater than 20BGN then the customer’s card on file will be debited as usual and the offer will be applied to the first subsequent purchase with an amount equal or lower than 20BGN.

In Bulgaria, the PayByFace biometric payment system is only available at Bistro Luna.

The use of PayByFace is completely free of charge for the PayByFace customers.

Other: Please refer to PayByFace terms and conditions for any question related to the data privacy and PayByFace terms of use.

E-mail accounts@paybyface.io for more details.