Welcome to face recognition payment processing

PayByFace allows consumers to simply use their selfie to authorize buying goods and services. We can also offer merchants an upgrade to use our cardless face recognition payment processing system that integrates into most current POS systems.

Innovative Cardless Payment Processing

Carrying your debit and credit cards everywhere you go can easily be lost or stolen and the 4-digit PIN is not very secure. With PayByFace it's like an Uber app for making payments when you go shopping! You no longer need to carry your cards or cash, simply use our proprietary face recognition cardless payment app and just take a selfie to buy things at participating merchants around town.

Become a Participating Merchant In Our Beta Program

Out of paper. No signal. Cards don’t swipe. Are you a merchant and tired of these ancient devices?

Email us to learn more about our innovative cardless payment platform solution. Customers can now pay you using our app with just their selfie!