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Innovative Merchant Solutions Africa

Innovative Merchant Solutions Africa empowers businesses through the utilization of technology to improve and leverage efficiencies in every aspect of their operations. Turning everyday interactions into exceptional experiences for their customers. With our software, hardware and portfolio of services, we give businesses the technology tools to ensure their success.

We help our customers respond to the demand for fast, easy and convenient transactions with intuitive self-service and assisted-service options. But what we do goes beyond niche technologies or markets. Our solutions enable our partners in Africa to increase revenue whilst reaching new customers and lowering their costs of operations.

By continually learning and pioneering how people and businesses interact and transact, we’re helping our partners not only reach their goals today but future proof their businesses to ensure long term sustainability through the implementation of world class premium solutions.


Integrated Mobile Communication Solutions

Mobcom Global is a solution-oriented company that works for the entire market exclusive, future-oriented and technologically advanced products.

Mobcom Global can offer advantageous services because Mobcom Global offers the products and services directly from the manufacturer or himself.


Mobcom Global provide hand for hardware and software procurement for companies, even with customized solutions.


For the tourism industry, we offer thanks to the latest technology a virtual and worldwide deployable Internet solution.

Hospitality & Retailer

Mobcom Global has holistic solutions such as flexible POS systems or displays for hotels and restaurants that are always up to date.

Infinitas Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd., India

INFINITAS is an IT solution provider and manufacturer of all types of kiosks in India, Middle East and exclusive advance partner of NCR Inc for Financial Technologies ,Retail Technology Solutions and Hospitality Solutions. What Infinitas does goes beyond the niche technologies or markets. Infinitas solution helps businesses around the world to increase revenue, build loyalty, reach new customers and lower their costs of operations.

INFINITAS paradigm is based on the importance of relationships and a relentless pursuit for excellence. Infinitas has adopted a strategy of identifying and associating with best of breed product vendors for the respective segments of their market. INFINITAS provides complete solutions for various verticals  as :

  1. Kiosks –
    • Self Service Kiosk Solutions – Food ordering for QSRs, Restaurants & Cafeterias, Self-service of Bill payments for Telecoms, Self-check-in for Airports, Self-service for hospitals, Education institutions, Self-check outs for Retail chains, Self-ticketing for cinemas, metro.
    • Self-service banking – Fully automated self-service branch operations including cash and cashless transactions like- account opening, instant card issuance, business applications, A complete E-lobby, Forex insta-cards.
    • Information Kiosks – Information kiosks for all courts in India, Malls, Airports.
  1. ATMs :
    • NCR ATMs and Cash recyclers to all banks in India
  2. Software Solutions :
    • Infinitas uses most advance technologies in their applications given to all above machines. Objective is to make all machines intelligent using IoT, SNMP based centralised monitoring system, Analytics, Self-maintenance by logging a call directly through machines as soon as the set thresholds are crossed.
  3. Service:
  • Post sales service for more than 300 locations in India during onsite warranty and AMCs.


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