Biometric Payments

What are biometric payments? Biometric payment is a point of sale (POS) technology that uses biometric authentication to identify the user and authorize the deduction of funds from a bank account.


Out of paper. No signal. Cards don’t swipe. Are you a merchant and tired of your ancient legacy devices? Contact us today to upgrade to the future of payments!

We provide modern and innovative POS systems that will transform your retail environment into a unique shopping experience for your customers!

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Reduce Payment Fraud

Our face recognition engine helps reduce payment fraud at point of sale.

Faster Checkout Time

Nobody likes to wait in line at checkout time, so with face recognition systems the process is much faster and more secure!

Digital Billboard System

Our PayByFace devices turn into a digital billboard letting you advertise promotions while not in use.

Cashier Integration

Our devices quickly and easily integrate into your existing cashier and inventory systems.