BUCHAREST, ROMANIA –– PayByFace SRL, the first biometric payment system commercially available in Europe, has announced a partnership with GoCab and together have signed an agreement to install PayByFace interactive touchscreen tablets in selected GoCab taxis across Bucharest. The GoCab application has been installed by over 80,000 customers, and the driver application by over 7,000 carriers.

The PayByFace tablets will be installed facing the backseat passenger on the headrests of selected GoCab Taxis; these tablets will broadcast a series of 15 second advertising videos and banners, including a scannable QR code to track conversion. GoCab clients will be able to scan the QR codes with their smartphone and get more information on the offers broadcasted.

If the GoCab passengers have an active PayByFace account they will also be able to “one-click” buy the products and services advertised and pay simply by having their face scanned on the tablet. Half of the advertising revenue generated will be shared with GoCab and their drivers, providing an extra revenue stream for the chauffeurs.

Mike Draghici, PayByFace founder and CEO, is very excited about this partnership: “I am pleased to be able to provide an additional use case for our PayByFace platform of e-commerce apps for small merchants. People are starting to head back to their corporate offices as our economies are re-opening and if they happen to take a GoCab taxi with our tablet present, they can easily buy their latte coffee directly from the coffeeshop near their office building from inside the cab and just pick it up at the coffee shop as soon as their GoCab driver drops them off at their destination!”

Sorin Mușat, Chairman of the Board of Directors at GoCab, was also enthusiastic about the partnership: “PayByFace provides GoCab with a modern in-cab advertising and shopping platform very similar to what you have in airplanes. Additional advertising revenues to GoCab drivers will provide us with an even more compelling value proposition to all those drivers thinking of joining our taxi dispatching ecosystem.”

The initial phase of the project will involve 10 GoCab taxi in Bucharest with the agreement potentially scaling up to 300 taxis equipped with the PayByFace tablets. The project is supported by TechVentures.Bank who has been a key supporter of tech-based startups in the Romanian market.

About PayByFace
Founded in October 2019 by global entrepreneur Mihai Draghici, PayByFace has a mission to build the largest seamless and secure digital biometric payment ecosystem for providing a faster and more convenient shopping experience. PayByFace® also aims to bring an innovative e-commerce solution to retailers by providing a simple application for processing biometric payments for their customers. PayByFace SRL has operating offices in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Bucharest (Romania). More information on PayByFace® can be found at the official website, Follow us on LinkedIn to get the latest news and updates.

About GoCab
The GoCab application is dedicated exclusively to the taxi business, being developed in partnership with taxi dispatchers. The GoCab application was launched publicly on May 15, 2020, in Bucharest and on July 15, 2020 deployed in 20 other cities in Romania like Cluj-Napoca, Brasov, Oradea, Tulcea, Targu Mures, Constanta, Valcea, Craiova Baia Mare and several other places too. Since its launch, the customer application has been installed by over 80,000 customers, and the driver application by over 7,000 carriers.

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